About bifree

bifree by Gerbaldo Polimeri SpA is an innovative technology applied to plastic materials that allows to obtain new smart materials able to guarantee permanent protection against bacterial contamination and proliferation.

How does it work

bifree is a microtechnology which, due to a particular encapsulation – fixation
process of electric charges, acts on the polymer by modifying its electric potential.
The protection permanent effect is over time and ensures zero releases into the environment. The resulting physical effect gives the material a natural resistance to aggression and bacterial proliferation on surfaces. The effectiveness of bifree bioactive technology has been certified and tested for a long time by tests conducted by certified independent laboratories.*
* the reference test available for measuring the self-sanitizing effectiveness is the ISO 22196: 2011 standard. bifree is able to reach 99.9% effectiveness even if generally a material that reach a value >= 90% is already to be considered bioactive

* Tests conducted at 3A Laboratories, Accredia Certification

Areas bifree

bifree has many applications : switches and light plates, car dashboards, seats, kitchen utensils, water bottles, mobile phone covers, hospital accessories, medical devices,water tanks and filters, pipes, safety masks , textiles, TNT, floors.

Food contact

bifree materiali autoigienizzanti applicati al food

bifree applied to polymers is a non-toxic technology, and meets the safety requirements for direct food contact. In accordance with EU Regulation 10/2011 MOCA TEST*, the bifree Smart Materials (if produced with certified polymeric bases for food) are suitable for food packaging applications.

*Test conducted by EPTA NORD Food Analysis Consulting- Accredia certification Plus


bifree technology is used on various polymers: PE-PP-PA-SAN-PVC- styrene and acrylic resins, acrylic paints too, and it is suitable for all processing, injection molding, rotational molding, blow molding, plastic drawing, thermoforming, filming.


bifree Master used at 3% w/w with resins;
bifree Compound pronto all’uso.